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Solo Albums:

Paradox & DJ Sean P - "Mending" (2011)


1. Paradox X DJ Sean P
2. Here Lies [Phatmass Version] (f. Relic & Griffin)
3. Forecast (f. Wonder Brown)
4. Go Outside
5. He’ll Come Back (f. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
6. Blessed Broken Shared (f. Sivion & Sintax.The.Terrific)
7. I Don’t Believe Them (f. IZK)
8. Last Time
9. Don’t You Know (f. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10. Not Worthy (f. Gina Chavez)
11. Man VS. Self (f. Manchild)
12. Lift

Paradox - "Called To Mind" (2009)


01) stay tuned
02) broken
03) help wanted
04) bloodline (f. mellow drum addict & sev statik)
05) groundwork
06) white noise (f. common child, propaganda & afaar)
07) on second thought
08) hard rock (f. sameoldjake & othello)
09) snapshots (f. metermaids)
10) life of an artist (f. jeremiah bonds)
11) put 'em together
12) let your life speak (f. gina chavez)
13) brief interruption (f. kaboose)
14) obstacles
15) ruined for life...


Having joined forces with the impressive End of Earth Records roster, paradox presents his sophomore solo effort, “Called to Mind.” All beats for the project, minus one track produced by Beat Rabbi of Deepspace5 (Illect Recordings), were manhandled by the homie Elliot B., who has worked with such independent heavyweights as Josh Martinez, Qwel, 2Mex, Eyedea, Braille, Sleep of Oldominion, and fellow Portland-residents, the Sandpeople.

For “Called to Mind,” paradox enlisted the considerable skills of fellow emcees Othello (of Lightheaded), Metermaids (Sentence and Swell), Kaboose (Syntax Records), Jeremiah Bonds (Syntax Records), and SameOldJake. the album also features EOE family members, Sev Statik (of Deepspace5 and Tunnel Rats), Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats), Mellow Drum Addict, Common Child, and Afaar, and the talents of fellow Austin musician, Gina Chavez, whose vocals add a haunting, melodic note throughout. Drawing on experiences from two-years spent as a third-world country volunteer and as a high school Theology teacher, “Called to Mind” shows paradox to be no rookie on the mic with him spitting observational wisdom like a true old soul.

End of Earth Records is an official non-profit organization and proceeds from every album sale or digital download purchase go to benefit a number of charities, including:

Compassion (the label actually now sponsors two children through this website)
Not For Sale
Dalit Freedom Network

So not only are you getting an earful of solid hip hop, you're literally helping to address pressing social justice issues, such as slavery and world hunger. Your support is incredibly appreciated, both by me and those positively impacted through your purchase.
Paradox - "Hiatus" (2006)


Group Albums:

dropsci.GIANTS - "givingUP" (2014)


dropsci.GIANTS - "littleONES" (2010)


49Stories. - "Blind Faith" (2003)



War Records - "Waging War"


End of Earth Records - "To the Ends of the Earth, Vol. 5"


dj clutch - "An Audio Collection"


Phatmass Records - "Massmatics, Vol. 2"


End of Earth Records - "To the Ends of the Earth, Vol. 4"


Syntax Records: "Night Owls 4 - A Shot in the Dark"


Guest Features:

IHS Project - "Limitless Pt.2: Still Dreaming"


Jeremiah Bonds - "American Idolatry"


Sammy Blaze - "The Phoenix"


Clutch - Beat Tape '11


Mellow Drum Addict - "Free Times Dope"


Pontifex - "Ordained"


reSEARCH - "Cerca Trova"


Suffer - "The Long Way Home"


Common Child & Thought P - "Along As We Go"


Scout Da Psalmist - "Emceeing Again"


Kwestion - "Human Being"


Mellow Drum Addict & Shortop are... "Fire Escape Artists"


SameOldJake - "Upsidedown:Kingdom"


Mellow Drum Addict - "Strides Ahead of tha Half Step"


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