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Paradox & DJ Sean P - "mending" (2011)

 Mending (BONUS TRACKS) by Paradox & DJ Sean P

1. Paradox X DJ Sean P
2. Here Lies [Phatmass Version] (f. Relic & Griffin)
3. Forecast (f. Wonder Brown)
4. Go Outside
5. He’ll Come Back (f. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
6. Blessed Broken Shared (f. Sivion & Sintax.The.Terrific)
7. I Don’t Believe Them (f. IZK)
8. Last Time
9. Don’t You Know (f. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10. Not Worthy (f. Gina Chavez)
11. Man VS. Self (f. Manchild)
12. Lift

Paradox - "Called To Mind" (2009)

 Called to Mind by paradox
01) stay tuned
02) broken
03) help wanted
04) bloodline (f. mellow drum addict & sev statik)
05) groundwork
06) white noise (f. common child, propaganda & afaar)
07) on second thought
08) hard rock (f. sameoldjake & othello)
09) snapshots (f. metermaids)
10) life of an artist (f. jeremiah bonds)
11) put 'em together
12) let your life speak (f. gina chavez)
13) brief interruption (f. kaboose)
14) obstacles
15) ruined for life...
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