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01) intro (exclusive) [play] [download]
02) paydirt (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
03) sameoldjake (f. artofact & paradox) - use what you got (from sameoldjake - "upsidedown:kingdom") [play] [download]
04) from 49 to 50 (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
05) moonboots (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
06) oasis (f. shovel, from paradox - "haitus") [play] [download]
07) bzc scenery (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
08) where do i go? (from "massmatics - volume 2") [play] [download]
09) sketches of belize (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
10) fascinated daily (exclusive, produced by dj stibs) [play] [download]
11) it goes (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
12) kwestion (f. artofact & paradox) - broke my heart (from kwestion - "human being") [play] [download]
13) d-major (f. paradox) - do right (from d-major - "street manna") [play] [download]
14) sphere (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]
15) st. james (exclusive, produced by justhere) [play] [download]
16) sight unscene (paradox & play jay) - old's cool rhyming (exclusive) [play] [download]
17) mellow drum addict (f. paradox, verses, change & mcgladdius) - nickel and dime (from mellow drum addict - "strides ahead of tha half step") [play] [download]
18) dj salty flavor (f. paradox) - help wanted (alternative remix, from dj salty flavor - "keeping it salty") [play] [download]
19) dj salty flavor (f. paradox) - help wanted (remix, from dj salty flavor - "keeping it salty") [play] [download]
20) kwestion (f. paradox) - color (from kwestion - "human being") [play] [download]
21) akalyte (f. paradox) - what is love (from akalyte - "lost art") [play] [download]
22) the beat boxcar children (f. paradox) - penny for your thoughts (exclusive) [play] [download]
23) zealous (f. paradox) - without you (from zealous - "battle for souls") [play] [download]
24) dj salty flavor (f. paradox) - live & direct (remix, exclusive) [play] [download]
25) mellow drum addict (f. michael manasseh, shortop, just j., spencer harmon & paradox) - another perfect day (from mellow drum addict & shortop - "fire escape artists") [play] [download]
26) go (mixtape verse, exclusive) [play] [download]
27) peace (from paradox - "hiatus") [play] [download]


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